I work to give my clients peace of mind and a clear plan for the future.


That includes helping with health and life insurance, clarifying Medicare options and evaluating retirement planning tools.


I help individuals, families

and businesses with a wide range of goals and budgets because everyone deserves to feel financially secure.


My process starts with discovering your goals and thoroughly assessing your situation.


We can review your existing insurance coverage or start from scratch with any questions you have.


You will have everything you need to make well-informed decisions.


As an independent advisor, I provide truly objective guidance. Rather than just offer a few solutions, I can access a massive portfolio including many of the top names in the industry.


You will get a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.


At age seventeen I was hit by a car left with ten broken bones, and a newborn with two fractures in his skull a fractured arm and an incision on his belly where they needed to make sure there wasn’t any internal bleeding.


If you can imagine I was out of it for a long time. Even could of died but no-one ever taught me how money works! Or even about life insurance.


So when the idea of me becoming an agent was presented in 2016 best believe I was like sign me up!


I always here the excuses of being to young to need it but I wasn’t even an adult and could’ve left a newborn with no legacy


But I enjoy being an active part of our community helping local neighbors secure their future.


I'm a Licensed Regional Insurance agent Located in

Houston TX, Certified Mindset Coach, and blogger!


Who happens to be vegan and a dog mom who loves

lip gloss & coffee! I’m looking forward to working with you!



Contact Me

G. Morales

346 291 7741




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